The 8 Rules of Innovation with Pontus Siren - Part 1

Spotlight Webinar: The 8 Rules of Innovation Part 1

Rules 1 to 4

As managers and leaders, being able to foster and drive innovation is essential – businesses need to be able to react to change and seek new opportunities to grow and thrive. 

During 10 years of advising some of the world’s leading companies on the topics of disruption, transformation, and innovation, Innosight Partner and Innovator in Residence at EDHEC, Pontus Siren, learned the 8 Rules of innovation which he will share with you in our latest Spotlight Webinar series.

Join Sandra Richez, Global MBA Programme Director and Pontus on Tuesday 13th April at 1200h CET for the first 40-minute webinar where you will discover the first 4 rules of innovation:

  1. Innovation is predictable
  2. Innovate too early
  3. Innovation is easy and very difficult
  4. Innovate close to your core and don't outsource your future


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You can also Register now  for The 8 Rules of Innovation Part 2 on Thursday 29th April at 1200h CET

Pontus Siren is an Innosight Partner who was based in the Singapore office for 9 years, and is now based in Switzerland. He has worked extensively on innovation growth strategies and capabilities and regularly advises senior managers on these topics.  He has worked across a range of markets, particularly in India, Singapore, Australia, China, the Philippines, UK, Turkey and Thailand. Prior to joining Innosight, Pontus was the CEO of a biotech company that was founded together with the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. In 2021, he became the official Innovator in Residence for EDHEC Executive Education.

Sandra Richez is the Global MBA Programme Director at EDHEC Business School.

The Global MBA addresses innovation in courses like Strategy, Technology, AI and the Digital Future, Data Analysis, Strategic Foresight, Data Visualization and Agile Thinking.MBA participants can choose from specialisation tracks in Digital Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Finance. 


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