Fees for January 2018 intake are €41,000*

*A fixed fee of €1000 is added for participation in the South Africa Trip. Note that the fee for South Africa is NOT subject to reduction through scholarships and the decision to participate must be made at the time of enrolment.

Fees can be reduced to €19,475 by Prompt Payment Reduction through our guaranteed and transparent scholarship policy (the maximum discount is €21,525).

Fees for September 2018 and January 2019 are €44, 000 *

*including the 2 business trips (South Africa and specialization track trip)


5% Prompt Payment Reduction

We offer a supplementary Prompt Payment Reduction of 5% if you enrol officially by paying your first instalment of fees within two weeks of acceptance. This reduction is valid for both conditional and firm offers. No Prompt Payment Reduction is possible after the original deadline to apply. The extra 5% is deducted from remaining tuition fees due after scholarship.