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The business world is now global. Companies deal with both local and international competition, from both developed and emerging economies. Innovation and leadership are now born global - all over the globe in every city; and this is what EDHEC’s week-long Learning Expeditions are all about. Participants are in direct contact with business leaders who come to share their areas of expertise and discuss trends and disruptions. In a combination of meetings, site visits and networking, participants take the pulse of different global cities while seeing how the subjects they learned in their specialisation track play out in the real world.





This week-long expedition is the fruit of a long-term and valued relationship between EDHEC and University of Stellenbosch Business School in Cape Town. Participants learn first-hand about South Africa’s unique social, economic, political, and business environment, a microcosm of today's major world challenges experienced in The Mother City. Learning about sustainability from USB’s finest professors and visiting all kinds of businesses, from township startups to world-leading South African brands, participants draw important lessons on the variety of ways sustainability is built into business.






The International Finance Track participants travel to London business to see how the finance skills learnt in class play out in the world’s most global financial hub. The one-week expedition explores how international finance is evolving in the context of economic and political shifts, growing regulatory norms and compliance, advisory, funding, digital banking and fintech. Students discover EDHEC's London Executive Campus in the heart of London's financial district, the iconic "City", as well as powerful financial headquarters, large and small.






Global Leadership Track participants travel to one of Asia's most important and dynamic economic centres: Singapore. In a week at EDHEC's Singapore Executive Campus in the downtown business district, the programme examines economic growth and planning in an Asian context. On-campus speakers and company visits display the uniqueness of Singapore’s economy, including executives from a broad array of sectors, from luxury retail and hospitality to digital banking, consulting, technology or even water treatment and desalination.





Both budding and established entrepreneurs from the EDHEC Global MBA are stimulated by their visit to Silicon Valley where they explore the the ecosystem involved in launching new ventures from start-ups to incubators, legal counsel, VC investors and universities to executive managers of successful global companies like Google, LInkedIn or Facebook, native to the Bay Area. Participants explore success factors and update on the latest trends and happenings in the world’s most innovative entrepreneurial hub.






This Digital Innovation Track will take place over one week. A third of its classes will be co-produced by EDHEC’s Global MBA team and IBM and taught by collaborators of the group. They will touch on such topics as digital transformation, change management, the history and actuality of artificial intelligence, and Design Thinking. Participants will also deepen their knowledge of such technical notions as blockchain, hybrid cloud or machine learning. Participants will visit IBM sites that symbolize the group’s deeply innovative culture.