Leadership development at EDHEC

At EDHEC we believe that principled leadership is essential for making a positive impact in our world today. For over 100 years, EDHEC has been cultivating independent thought, non-conformism and entrepreneurial spirit, and its approach to leadership is no different.

What is principled leadership?

Leadership comes in many forms and styles, and we believe that the leaders who can truly make an impact are those who stay true to clear core values.

This requires consistency, courage and taking responsibility for the consequences of your actions. It means caring for your people, understanding the big picture, and sometimes facing adversity in the interest of the greater good.

Global MBA participants are challenged to grow their leadership skills through a virtuous learning cycle that mixes theory, action, learning and self-reflection. We aim to help you grow so that you, in turn, will inspire and elevate others.

Developing principled leaders at EDHEC

Edhec MBA how we Teach

A carefully curated curriculum

Throughout the Global MBA programme, various activities and courses cover the many facets of leadership.
A day-long outing of team-based activities introduces the theme of leadership and gives substance for observation and self-reflection


  • You’ll discover how leaders engage people towards shared goals in courses such as
    • Managing Human Capital with Coaching
    • Leading People and Organisations
    • Building High Performance Teams
  • You’ll identify, question and review the set of values that guide your decisions and actions, especially as a leader, in courses such as
    • Philosophy
    • International Business Law
    • Criminal Risks Management
An effective combination of techniques

Learning through action

Without experimentation, there can be no innovation.
The Global MBA programme creates a safe space for putting your leadership skills to the test through collective assignments that range from case studies to entrepreneurship projects.

Every participant learns to give and receive personalised, constructive feedback on their teamwork and leadership abilities. You’ll tackle feedback from a variety of angles, learning how to address it in small working groups throughout the programme as well as with your individual career coach.

Learning from others

Throughout our lives we learn by emulating others, whether consciously or subconsciously. Learning leadership skills is no different.

That’s why the Global MBA programme intentionally exposes participants to a wide range of opportunities to meet inspiring managers and executives. These include Alumni Spotlights, Conferences, Global Learning Expeditions and a variety of company visits.

Thanks to studying in one of the most diverse MBA student bodies, you’ll also find inspiration and wisdom in your fellow students. With an average of 8 years’ professional experience in a wide range of sectors and from many countries, fellow participants provide an invaluable sourceof knowledge and exchange.

360° feedback

Feedback and self-reflection are key ingredients to fully benefiting from action and experimentation.

During the EDHEC Global MBA, you’ll be given the time and the tools to identify your leadership profile, understand and reflect on areas for improvement, and implement the changes you wish to embody.

To help you do this, the programme includes:

  • Our unique CareerSMART programme and personal coaching
  • Formal 360° feedback through peer and self evaluations
  • Collective coaching with facilitated group sessions

Are you ready to start leading ?

Principled leadership is deeply ingrained in EDHEC’s Global MBA DNA, and is integrated into all areas of the programme. Through theory, practice, self-awareness, observation and inspiration we hope to provide each student valuable insights into their own leadership potential.

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Operating from campuses in Lille, Nice, Paris, London and Singapore, EDHEC is one of the top 15 European business schools, ranked 1st worldwide for its Master in Finance. Fully international and directly connected to the business world, EDHEC commands a strong reputation for research excellence and the ability to train entrepreneurs and managers capable of breaking new ground. EDHEC functions as a genuine laboratory of ideas and produces innovative solutions valued by businesses.
The School’s teaching is inspired by its research work and a focus on “learning by doing”, all with the aim of equipping people with the skills to succeed in business.