The business world is now global. Companies have to deal with both local and international competition, coming from developed as well as emerging economies.





A week-long optional business trip is the fruit of a long-term and valued relationship between EDHEC and University of Stellenbosch Business School in Cape Town.
The goal of the trip is to give participants an opportunity to understand South Africa’s unique social, economic, political, and business environment, as well as draw important lessons on considering the broad range of sustainability concerns in business.





This trip is undertaken by all EDHEC Global MBA participants who select its International Finance Track. The aim of the London business trip is to enable International Finance Track participants to hone their finance skills and gain a firsthand understanding of how international finance markets are evolving. The week-long residential seminar takes place at EDHEC's London Executive Campus which is ideally situated in the heart of London's financial district, the iconic "City".





EDHEC's Global MBA programme offers its Global Leadership Track participants the opportunity to travel to one of Asia's most important and dynamic economic centres: Singapore. The aim of this business trip is to enable participants to develop further the competencies needed to manage people and projects on a global level.
The week-long residential seminar takes place at EDHEC's Singapore Executive Campus. The programme examines the specificities and evolutions of economic growth in Asia. Speakers include senior executives from the Singapore Economic Development Board, Mazars, BIC, Hermès, OCBC Bank, STMicroelectronics, M2Management, McKinsey & Company and Google. Company visits include the Port of Singapore Authority and Hyflux's Singspring Desalination Plant.





Both budding and established entrepreneurs from the EDHEC Global MBA will be stimulated by their visit to Silicon Valley where they will be able to meet the various links in the chain of actors involved in the setting up of new ventures from start-ups to incubators and from venture capitalists to executive managers of global companies. Past trips by the EDHEC Global MBA programme have included visits to a range of start-ups such as Clinovo, Trinet, NonObject and Bambino Avenue, start-up incubators such as Plug & Play and Parisoma, venture capitalist firms such as Sofinova and Crosslink Capital and some of the most successful global companies located in Silicon Valley such as Google and DailyMotion.





This Digital Innovation Track will take place over one month. A third of its classes will be co-produced by EDHEC’s Global MBA team and IBM France and taught by collaborators of the group. They will touch on such topics as digital transformation, change management, the history and actuality of artificial intelligence, and Design Thinking. Participants will also deepen their knowledge of such technical notions as blockchain, hybrid cloud or machine learning. Participants will visit IBM France sites that symbolize the group’s deeply innovative culture : they will start with IBM R&D Lab in Sophia Antipolis and will spend the rest of thz week in Paris at IBM France Design Thinking studio in Paris, the Global Industry Solutions Center and the "Scale Zone", a new space dedicated to industrializing innovation projects between start-ups and other companies, in Bois-Colombes, near Paris.