EDHEC Global MBA’s aim is to educate Principled Leaders. Principled leaders not only inspire and empower people; they also make decisions framed by clear core values. They are therefore consistent in their decisions and take responsibility for the consequences of their actions. Global MBA participants are therefore challenged to grow their leadership skills through a virtuous learning cycle that mixes theory, action, vicarious learning and self-reflection.


The programme starts with a two-day excursion in the Mercantour Park that is a very first opportunity to reflect on leadership. Then, through “Leading in the Real World”, “Leading People and Organisations” and “Building High Performance Teams” courses, MBA participants discover how leadership engage people towards shared goals. Finally, courses such as “Philosophy”, “International Business Law”, “Criminal Risks Management” and “Leadership as Sensemaking” allow participants to question the set of values that guide their decisions and actions.


Leadership is developed through practice and experimentation. Teamwork therefore lies at the core of the pedagogical philosophy of the programme. Collective assignments (from case studies to consulting and entrepreneurship projects) thus invite MBA participants to put their leadership skills to test. Furthermore, each participant is assessed on their teamwork abilities so as to receive fruitful and constructive feedback.


Leadership can also be learnt by emulating inspiring leaders. Throughout the programme, Alumni Spotlights, Global Leaders’ Conferences, Global Business Trips, Treks and company visits offer many opportunities to meet inspiring managers and executives. Also, with an average of eight years of professional experience, fellow participants are definitely an invaluable source of learning.


Various tests (e.g. MBTI, Belbin) as well as the CareerSMART process help participants to identify their leadership profile and their areas for improvement. Throughout the programme, PSE (Peer and Self Evaluations) provide participants with formal 360° feedback. Based on PSE outcomes, TWR (Team Work Reviews) consist of collective coaching involving facilitated group sessions. PSE and TWR aim at increasing awareness of how best to perform in a team, whether as a leader or as a member and provide valuable insights as to how participants are perceived by others.