The MBA Project is a transition between the MBA and the next step in your life. It is an opportunity for you to put into practice the management and leadership skills acquired throughout the programme and to enjoy direct interaction with leading companies. Each project is supervised by a professor.

You are free to tailor your MBA Project to meet your future professional needs. The choice of project type includes:




Consulting project is an excellent opportunity to put into practice the range of skills and knowledge acquired throughout the programme. It provides an invaluable opportunity to collaborate directly with both national and international organisations.

Past and current sponsors of EDHEC Global MBA consulting projects have included: 


The focus of the consulting project should be on performance improvement and involve strategic management issues and/or organisational changes, preferably with an international approach.

  • Launching a new product on international markets
  • Developing an existing product in new markets on an international scale
  • Conducting a global survey on gender diversity with recommendations
  • Re-positioning a start-up, revising of the business plan, identifying access to capital
  • Developing a comprehensive mobile offering for B2B clients worldwide
  • Exploring alternatives to current organizational structure in investment banking


Working on the consulting project has been an enriching learning experience. It was the first time I worked as a consultant and I learnt a lot about methodologies, tools and communication skills. The work was intense and challenging. Thanks to our project roadmap, we could deliver on time and the client was satisfied by the results. A great team is the key to a great project!




MBA Internships last from two to six months and are ideal for you to transition your skills to new industries and departments or to test the fit of new roles, countries and companies before employment. Internships allow you to start immediately while awaiting a permanent work visa.
MBA internships have taken place in multinational corporations including ABN AMRO (Netherlands), Allianz (France) Amazon (France) Bic / Cello (India) Calderys / Imerys (France) Lincoln International (UK) L’Oreal (France) Musa Capital (South Africa) OpenMatch Holdings (USA) Schneider Electric (France) and Shell(Germany)


If you want to deepen your knowledge in one particular field, you can opt for a research-based project, leading to an MBA thesis. The subject should be in line with your career objectives and can focus on any technical or fundamental topic in business, management, leadership or finance. You work under the supervision of an EDHEC Professor.


The EDHEC Global MBA boosts entrepreneurial spirit with around 15% of the graduating class setting up their own business each year. This project allows you to confront your passions from the Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship course to the business world. The aim of entrepreneurial projects, such as drawing up a business plan, start-up or buyout, must be to evaluate the economic feasibility of a new business idea. It can be worked on individually or within a team.