An MBA project tailored to your career

After developing your 360° business knowledge over the 7 months of core courses and then specialising during the month of April, in May and June you have the opportunity to put into practice everything you have learned through the two-month tailored project.
This final project is personalised according to your post-mba goals so you can opt for one of 6 choices. You can choose to do a business plan for example, which is perfect if you followed the entrepreneurship track, take a 2 or 6 month paid internship, or you can choose to work in a team on a real-life consulting project. The choice is yours – but don’t worry, you will be supported by our team and faculty, who will help guide and support you all the way through.

Consulting project

Take advantage of EDHEC’s privileged relationships with a range of high profile companies spanning various sectors. During your consulting project, you will form a small team with fellow students to address a specific challenge for your client.

Working as an international team with diverse experience and perspectives, you’ll be putting into practice the range of skills and knowledge acquired throughout the programme.

Hear from our own consultant and students in our video:


Projects include challenges such as:

  • Launching a new product on international markets
  • Developing an existing product in new markets on an international scale
  • Conducting a global survey on gender diversity with recommendations
  • Re-positioning a start-up, revising a business plan, identifying access to capital
  • Developing a comprehensive mobile offering for B2B clients worldwide
  • Exploring alternatives to current organizational structure in investment banking


Past and current sponsors of EDHEC Global MBA consulting projects include:

Edhec MBA sponsors

MBA internship

Are you looking to change sector, role or country? An MBA internship gives you the opportunity to test out the changes you’re aiming for before seeking full-time employment, and to start applying your new skills and knowledge.

You can choose to do a two-month internship as your MBA project, or you can extend your MBA programme by doing a longer internship at the end of your studies.

For the Fast Track Pro option, if you decide to start your career immediately after your 8 months in class, you can submit a job report as your MBA project.

MBA Project Internship - 2 months

You’ll spend two months working in the sector of your choice, applying the skills and knowledge you will have accumulated throughout the programme. Students find internships in a variety of companies and sectors, and are supported in their search by EDHEC career services who advise them and can link them to the school’s business partners.

Corporate Internship - up to 6 months

If you wish to gain more extensive experience during your internship, you can prolong it up to a length of six months or follow up your two-month internship with a second one lasting up to six months, working with one of EDHEC’s corporate partners or in a company of your choice, anywhere in the world.

MBA internships take place in top companies including:
Amadeus (France), Amazon (Luxembourg, UK and France), Nielsen (Netherlands), MARS/Royal Canin (France), Nissan (France), Sodexo (France), VMware (USA) and Schneider Electric (France)

Sustainability project

The UN has set 17 sustainability goals that address global challenges, including poverty, inequality, climate, environmental degradation, prosperity, and peace and justice. The sustainability project gives you the chance to spend two months organising a project or initiative contributing to these goals.

It’s the perfect opportunity to gain insight into how you can leverage your skills, knowledge and career to work towards a fairer, healthier future for the sector you want to work in and for the planet.

At EDHEC we have formally engaged as a charter signatory of these goals, and this project puts our commitment into action.

Research project

Deepening your knowledge significantly in a particular field can be an advantage in certain sectors. That’s why one of the MBA project options is research-based, leading to an MBA thesis

You’ll be free to choose the subject and angle to align your research with your career objectives, focusing on any technical or fundamental topic in business such as management, leadership or finance. You’ll be assigned a faculty member with experience in the domain to accompany and support you during the project.

Business plan

Each year, up to 15% of EDHEC’s Global MBA students set up their own businesses after graduation. Is it your turn?

Developing your business plan within your MBA programme means that you have access to an incredible wealth of knowledge and specialised feedback before even launching. During the Business Plan project, you’ll get the chance to apply your new knowledge, start looking at concrete details relative to how your business will function, and evaluate its economic feasibility.

Combined with the Entrepreneurship specialisation track and its opportunity to pitch to business angels, the Global MBA can be the perfect catalyst to getting your business off the ground.

Academic exchange

If you’re considering further courses, improving your language skills, or are searching for career opportunities abroad, you could consider the Academic Exchange as your MBA project.

Every year, a small number of students are selected to integrate and experience further education at our prestigious partner universities:

  • NUCB in Nagoya, Japan
  • IPADE in Monterrey, Mexico
  • CEIBS in Shanghai, China
  • Stanford University Summer Session in Stanford, USA

It’s the perfect opportunity to experience these locations for a longer period of time, especially if they figure in your post-MBA plans. You’ll profit from the academic excellence of our partner universities, and get the chance to create your own network and opportunities there.



Are you ready for the next step in your career?

The EDHEC Global MBA gives you the chance to learn, practice and leap straight into your post-MBA career. Whether it’s growing the seedling of your business, discovering your capacities in consulting, or showing a future employer your potential, you’ll have a head start well before graduation.

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