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The MBA Project is a transition between the MBA and the next step in your life. It is an opportunity for you to put into practice the management and leadership skills acquired throughout the programme Each project is supervised by a professor.

You are free to tailor your MBA Project to meet your future professional needs. The choice of project type includes:


Consulting project is an excellent opportunity to put into practice the range of skills and knowledge acquired throughout the programme. It provides an invaluable opportunity to collaborate directly with both national and international firms.

Past and current sponsors of EDHEC Global MBA consulting projects include:



MBA Internships are ideal for you to transition your skills to new industries and departments or to test the fit of new roles, countries and companies before employment.

You can choose to do a shorter internship as your MBA project or you can extend your MBA programme by doing an internship at the end of your studies.

MBA Project Internship: Starting from the beginning of May, you can choose to do an internship as your tailored project. This must be a minimum of 8 to 12 weeks in duration, but many students decide to do an extended internship following completion of the required period.

Corporate Internship: Many students chose to do a corporate internship on completion of the MBA programme. An internship can be up to 6 months in duration and is a great opportunity to extend your learning journey and gain valuable experience in a top company in France or anywhere in the world.

MBA internships take place across the world in multinational corporations including:
Amadeus (France), Amazon (Luxembourg, UK and France), Nielsen (Netherlands), MARS/Royal Canin (France), Nissan (France), Sodexo (France), VMware (USA) and Schneider Electric (France)



If you want to deepen your knowledge in one particular field, you can opt for a research-based project, leading to an MBA thesis. The subject should be in line with your career objectives and can focus on any technical or fundamental topic in business, management, leadership or finance.



The EDHEC Global MBA boosts entrepreneurial spirit with up to 15% of the graduating class setting up their own business each year. This project allows you to confront your passions from the Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship course to the business world. The aim of entrepreneurial projects, such as drawing up a business plan, start-up or buyout, must be to evaluate the economic feasibility of a new business idea. It can be worked on individually or within a team.


A small number of EDHEC MBA students may be selected for an Academic Exchange with our University partners at Columbia in New York, NUCB in Nagoya, Japan or IPADE in Monterrey, Mexico. Exchanges are a great way to discover the academic excellence of our prestigious partner institutions and to experience global locations for a longer period of time in view of taking new courses, improving language skills or searching for career opportunities.



Today’s responsible business leaders need to care about making the world a better and more inclusive place. The sustainability project option is for students looking to make an impact by volunteering or organizing a project or initiative which will contribute to the UN’s 17 Sustainability Goals.

EBS has formally engaged to prioritize our commitment to sustainability and making an impact.