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In addition to the existing core EDHEC Global MBA courses, you can choose one of the four specialisation tracks, to sharpen MBA skills in one of four key areas:



The International Finance Track

The International Finance Track provides students with in-depth knowledge of international finance and exposes them to the latest techniques and approaches in a quickly changing sector. We are proud to offer courses from some of EDHEC’s finest finance professors in this track.


The Global Leadership Track

This track is designed for students who wish to give their MBA a more general perspective, equipping them to manage people and projects, to help organizations innovate, transform and adapt to a rapidly changing global context.


The Entrepreneurship Track

Designed for students aiming to set up or take over a business, or those who will become intrapreneurs or leaders in an established startup, students generate and explore their ideas in depth and assess their business potential. Feedback from a panel of investors provides invaluable guidance.


The Digital Innovation Track

For managers seeking the full perspective needed to lead digital transformation, this track takes a deep dive into the strategic, technological, practice and recommendations for successful digitization across numerous sectors.



EDHEC has been ranked the N°1 school for Finance in France for several years. With this specialisation, you will benefit from EDHEC’s outstanding know-how in this field. Courses are complemented by a week-long residential seminar at our London Executive Campus in the heart of the City during which participants hear from and network with professionals from across the financial industry spectrum.



  • International Corporate Finance
  • Debt and Derivatives
  • Alternative Investments
  • One week in London




The Global Leadership Track aims to prepare you with the skills and knowledge necessary in order to lead people in a global context and understand the latest trends in global strategies. The coursework will be enhanced by a week-long learning expedition at our Singapore Executive Campus where you will learn more about global leadership from an Asian perspective.



  • Leading Global Change through Design Thinking
  • Managing Global Projects
  • Strategy 3.0 : Anticipating Global Trends & Emerging Technologies
  • One week in Singapore




The Entrepreneurship Track has been planned keeping in mind the need that the community has for entrepreneurs. These creative minds open new avenues of economic growth and create jobs. EDHEC Global MBA is #1 in Europe for Entrepreneurship MBA (QS report 2015), the 3-week entrepreneurship course ends with a formal pitch in front of a panel of Venture Capitals and Business Angels. Between 10 and 20 percent of EDHEC Global MBA graduates start their own business, with a range of new business ideas resulting from work undertaken during our Entrepreneurship Track and the option of a Tailored Entrepreneurship Project. Start-ups can then be at EYE, the EDHEC Business School incubator. Choosing the Entrepreneurship Track, you will spend a week in San Francisco/The Silicon Valley where, using EDHEC's corporate connections, you will meet managers from successful new business ventures as well as start-up incubators and venture capitalist firms.



  • Entrepreneurship
  • Cash Management & Bootstrapping
  • Finances and Financial Documents
  • Effective Management of Firms
  • One week in San Francisco




Participants will gain perspective on how data and emerging technologies are impacting business and society, be aware of tool and infrastructure choices inherent in a digital transformation strategy and delve into innovation through design thinking.
Launched in response to employer demand, the Digital Innovation Track will open students to a digital innovation mind set.



  • Managing Innovation and Digital Transformation
  • AI, Blockchain, IoT, Cloud and Design Thinking in partnership with IBM
  • Digital Change Management
  • One week in New York