MBA Experience

Inspiring people, energising setting

The people, the place, the lifestyle

The EDHEC Global MBA experience isn’t limited to the programme and the degree you’ll come away with. It’s 10 months of intense study and discovery, forming a diverse, international network of friends, colleagues and business connections, soaking up French culture, and making the best of an exceptional, modern campus on the French Riviera.


An inspirational cohort

The people you study with are a key part of your MBA. They’re the ones you’ll be making the closest connections with throughout the programme, in team projects, in student clubs and of course outside school.


Edhec MBA Diversity with a Purpose

Diversity with a purpose

At EDHEC we are intentional in our push for diversity because we believe that it brings an essential element of cultural and social wisdom to the group, which all leaders need today. We are consistently ranked as one of the most diversity-focused MBAs in the world by The Economist, QS and the Financial Times.

Edhec MBA Valuable knowledge sharing

Valuable knowledge sharing

When it comes to teamwork and leadership, nothing is more valuable than practice and insight through trial and error. As you spend 10 months working and studying with people from a wide range of nationalities, experience levels and professions, you’ll be gaining wisdom from the experience, and sharing the wealth of knowledge that you and your fellow students have to offer.

A diverse and international community
with wealth of knowledge and experience

Selected from a wide range of professions, experience levels and nationalities, our student community is uniquely diverse. We are consistently ranked as one of the most diversity-focused MBAs in the world by The Economist, QS and the Financial Times. EDHEC Global MBA is the ideal place to gain practical experience of working in a global organisation and to expand your network.


Edhec location map30


different nationalities in a cohort of less than 70 students

Edhec calendar31


Average age is 31. With student ages ranging from 25 to 45

Edhec briefcase7


Average work experience of 7 years. Ranging from 3 to 20+

edhec percentage female46%


46% female this year, but we want to get to parity soon

Pre-MBA employment

Edhec pre-MBA employment

Years of experience

Edhec MBA years of experience

EDHEC’s Nice campus

A good study environment contributes significantly to a great MBA experience. EDHEC’s campus in Nice is a modern building with rooftop decks overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, conveniently located next to Nice International Airport and the Arenas business district, and a 20-minute tram ride from the city centre. Plus we are just 15 minutes from Europe’s biggest technology park, located in Sophia Antipolis.

The Global MBA programme has its own dedicated floor and facilities, including work rooms for group study and a kitchen area. The rest of the campus also has plenty of on-site facilities including student common rooms, a canteen area, a French brasserie and café, snack bars, a learning centre and IT rooms. Students’ well-being is important to us, so there’s also a weights room and fitness centre offering a range of classes including pilates, zumba and stretching. As our school evolves, so does the campus, and we’re updating facilities to reach a zero-emissions campus in the future.

Visit the Nice campus (virtual tour)



Nice and the French Riviera

Set between the deep blue of the Mediterranean and the towering Alps, Nice is one of southern France’s most stunning and vibrant coastal cities. It provides the perfect balance between the glamour of the Côte d’Azur and an affordable, practical place to live and study.

The city is just a 30-minute drive from Sophia Antipolis, Europe’s Silicon Valley. This technology park is an epicentre for innovation, technology and business ventures, with over 2,200 companies and 36,000 employees — and ideal environment for MBA students to imagine their future and build up contacts. Nice is characterised by a unique mix of French and Italian culture, architecture and cuisine, and it’s not hard to see why it attracted artists such as Matisse, Renoir and Picasso. Its well-established tourism means that it’s very expat-friendly, and while its beautiful beaches certainly draw a crowd, you’ll also discover the laid-back rhythm of the friendly locals in its classic cafés and buzzing bistros.

Read our article on the French Riviera

Moving with your family

The EDHEC Global MBA is geared towards seasoned professionals, so we understand that you might not be making this decision alone. An increasing number of our students are choosing to share this exciting 10-month experience with their partner or family, making it a fantastic opportunity for all involved.

Your partner is welcome to attend one of EDHEC’s French courses, and if you have children, they can easily be enrolled in one of the many international schools in the area.

Contact our team for more information

“Leaders must develop the vision and skills necessary to lead their organisations to success. Our goal is always to bring out well-rounded, value-driven, inspirational and reflective leaders who make a positive difference to the business world."

Stéphane CANONNE,
Associate Dean, EDHEC Executive Education & MBAs
The international student office

Making your move easy

Moving to a new country for 10 months can be exciting, but also a little overwhelming when it comes to logistics and paperwork. That’s why EDHEC has a dedicated International Student Office to help you. At EDHEC we take pride in creating a highly personalised experience with a characteristic human touch. This applies not just to the programme, but to the entire experience.


We’ll assist you in a variety of tasks including:

  • Change career path
  • Accelerate your progress
  • Set up your own business
  • Develop your leadership skill
What to expect

You can read about what happens once you get accepted to get a more detailed picture of what awaits and tips on how to plan your move. In the meantime, here are some essentials from the International Student Office.



Accommodation options include student residences or private apartments or houses. We’ll help you in finding the right accommodation for you and understanding what paperwork you’ll need. Prices in the area start at approximately 400- 550 euros per month for a studio and around 700 euros per month for a one-bedroom apartment..


Transport in Nice

Nice and the surrounding areas have efficient and easily accessible public transport. Regular trains, trams and buses serve the city, the region, and the country. You can find out more about local public transport on the Côte d’Azur’s transport services site (in French) and about the national rail service on the SNCF website (available in English).



You will be covered by the French national health service, or Sécurité Sociale. Our team can explain the details to you, and help you arrange for coverage, which starts at 15 euros per month, depending on your age and nationality.
Home insurance is mandatory for most accommodation rentals and starts at 50 euros per year.


Living expenses

Compared to many western European cities, life in Nice is surprisingly affordable, and the cost of living is about half that of Paris.

For a single person, you can expect total living expenses to start at about 1000 euros per month.

My EDHEC experience

The trip was so well orchestrated, so well thought out, that you could not walk away from it without taking a moment to be thankful for the positon you’re in, and to be inspired by the South Africans.

Winston Green, MBA ‘17

I pursued the EDHEC MBA because I wanted the international exposure offered by EDHEC through its student diversity, pool of professors, and location. I wanted a global perspective on business and finance issues, not just a US-centric version.

Kerry LaPrees, MBA ‘15, USA

The support network at EDHEC was superb. All the advice I received, ranging from interview techniques to personal branding and networking, has led me to where I am today. Definitely, the best career choice I’ve made!

Charlotte Auterac, MBA ‘17, UK

The MBA program at EDHEC helped me to get out of my comfort zone and aim higher. Getting to know so many amazing people with interesting backgrounds and different experiences just made me realize how many opportunities and possibilities there are.

Britta Tilsner, MBA ‘17, Austria
Networking opportunities

Edhec MBA Networking

Networking & MBA Clubs

Living and studying in Nice will open up a range of valuable networking opportunities. At EDHEC, we organise events throughout the year to help you connect with people, companies and leaders that can influence your career.

These events include:

  • Student clubs and associations
  • The EDHEC Forum
  • EDHEC Finance career day
  • Global MBA Alumni Day

Edhec MBA Alumni Network

The EDHEC Alumni network

Many EDHEC Global MBA alumni maintain a close network with their fellow students, and continue contributing to the community long after graduation. Their experiences and connections are a valuable addition, and you’ll be crossing paths with them at various stages of the programme.

Find out more on the EDHEC Alumni page

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Operating from campuses in Lille, Nice, Paris, London and Singapore, EDHEC is one of the top 15 European business schools, ranked 1st worldwide for its Master in Finance. Fully international and directly connected to the business world, EDHEC commands a strong reputation for research excellence and the ability to train entrepreneurs and managers capable of breaking new ground. EDHEC functions as a genuine laboratory of ideas and produces innovative solutions valued by businesses.
The School’s teaching is inspired by its research work and a focus on “learning by doing”, all with the aim of equipping people with the skills to succeed in business.