By Adriana Molnar-Barton - 28, Hungary/Venezuela/Argentina - Class of 2015

For the past couple of years I was thinking of pursuing a MBA in order to move forward in my career. After intense research, EDHEC was the best business school to attend with regards to reputation, professional career development, internship opportunity and specialization options.


By Marco Trada - 27, Italy - Class of 2015
The multicultural environment that you perceive inside the school represents EDHEC's international and global attitude. The city of Nice, with its hot sun and long beaches, is a really exciting and well-planned location. There are 30 different nationalities from Europe, America, Asia and Africa with various academic and professional backgrounds: I am sure that it will be a real life-changing experience! 
By Preeti Venkateshan - 32, India - Class of 2015
Unfortunately, for women, the road to career conquests is often difficult. The decision to take a sabbatical is sometimes associated with lack of ambition but I am a woman returner envisioning a re-entry into the business world after a sabbatical of 6 years which I blissfully invested in raising a child. EDHEC provides a platform for women empowerment, for women to get their groove back. It grooms and mentors them to be the next potential global leaders.